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Reflecting on a #man that #changed my #world who #loved me before I knew Him. Who’s #forever #faithful #gracious #merciful #forgiving and #loving in #abundance He’s the ONLY one who will NEVER let you down not forsake you. There’s no one like our #God He is #worthy to be praised. Happy #Goodfriday #reflect on the Lord and know that He is #good #jesuslovah #christian

Hello lovelies!

So sorry for such a delay in my posts. Last week was a hectic work weekend. I was up at 4am three wretched days in a row! But let me be happy I have a job, right?

The work wasn’t bad, it was actually quite fun and easy, but going to bed at 8pm like a granny and getting up when even the birds are still sleeping was a challenge.

I proctored an exam in Pomona on Friday, and then worked the Long Beach Grand Prix Sat and Sun. grandprixflag

Thankfully I was outta the hot sun and beneath a tent doing sign in for my boss. Yesssss. That also meant free food and getting to sit or browse inside the Grand Prix at my leisure hehe.

Saturday at the end of the day I ended up going to a laundry mat to wash work uniforms haha. Since I’d be chilling for over an hour by myself, I called my bf up and asked him to keep me company there. Naturally he did, because he’s an amazing specimen, and then he gave me incredible news!

He asked me a question that I was so thrilled about and had actually been praying for hehe.


I will share that news in June when the event happens. So keep your ears pricked for the juiciness. listeningemoji

So last time we spoke, I mentioned having two shoots coming up. One a possible high fashion, and the other I wasn’t really sure of details yet.

I ended up canceling one, because I didn’t really do my due diligence and ask enough questions until the night before.

So I’m in correspondence with this photographer and then don’t hear from him for a week and then it’s the day before the shoot and I haven’t heard from him and I was asked to babysit, so I was like ok I’ll do it. And then literally one minute after agreeing to babysit the photographer emails me back...Strike 1, poor communication.

Then we chat on the phone about my wardrobe choice and I was to wear an everyday look from my closet because he digs my style. SNORE…If I’m doing a photoshoot and it’s not headshots, I want to dress up darnit! Do something with a bit of character. Strike 2 I suppose I could’ve spoken up, but it was literally a few hours before I was leaving for LA for the night since the shoot was early morning and I had no time to think of a new concept and pack and I also might have offended him and the shoot was TF (time for…trade work for free).

Strike 3? He kept me on the phone 20 mins discussing details when I had said I only had a minute because I was running errands.

Then he tells me the location.

South Central.

In his garage -_-

Can I get a Strike 4anyone?

I’m sorry, but nice neighborhood or not, I don’t want to be in a stranger’s garage, and definitely not at 7am!

And this phone convo lasted 30 mins! And I told him I was eating dinner with my bf….double whammy striking right here…Strike 5 and 6

There was one more phone call where he encouraged me about making it in the business and said some other stuff, which was all very sweet, but I don’t want to have random conversations when I’m busy or in the company of  others.

As I know it, most games only allow 3 strikes, and I was already at 6, so I canceled the shoot.

Lesson learned: Get details of wardrobe look and location shoot BEFORE agreeing to work with a photographer. Also, if someone doesn’t respond in a timely manner to a scheduled shoot, cross them off the list. In my opinion it seems unprofessional to not solidify details at least days before.

Now the second shoot, we were square with details days ahead of time and I decided I wanted to do a mod look. twiggy

Twiggy’s makeup look was my inspiration. Flawless

This shoot took place at the park on top of Signal Hill.

It was a lovely overcast day, which is just perfect. Overcast weather producing the most clear and crisp lightening and it is my FAV!

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My next shoot is next Thursday in a studio, and due to the fact that it’s an indoor shoot and lack of clothing I’ll be wearing, (no no, don’t get the wrong idea, I’ll explain), my lovely boyfriend with be there too :)

This one is going to be so amazing! I got the concept from another photographer’s portfolio. It’s what I’m calling a “Candy Shoot.” image (9)The brilliance of this shot was photographed by Jtownstudio. This is his ig account so you should def follow him if you have ig. ;)

I admire his work, but of course don’t want to duplicate, so for my shoot I’m going to have bodypaint covering me and sprinkles and other candy! (see!? no nakey shoot haha).

Not sure yet if we’re gonna go with bright colors or pastels, but the photographer I’m working with is incredible and so creative, coming up with so many ingenious ideas, so I’m sure it’ll be epic hehe.

I’m really excited for this shoot and to share all the pics with you my beautiful followers!

Lesson Learned: Be upfront with the photographers regarding what you want for a shoot and how you want to be perceived in it. I want this shoot playful not provocative and I had to mention that twice to ensure I’m not doing something I don’t want to and so the photographer knows which way I want the look to go.

I will have paint and other confections covering me up top, and I will be in either shorts or swimsuit bottoms on my lower half.

Yes, the female body is beautiful, but I always keep in mind the phrase, “Would I feel comfortable showing my gramie these shots?” That’s my barometer to stay focused on my modeling career and keep my standards and convictions alive despite pressures and the hustle and bustle that hopefully will take place once I’m signed with an agency.

Gotta stay firm in my beliefs jesusfish

And I’m so thankful to have a caring boyfriend who reminds me of what I’ve said I want to do and encourages and challenges me to stay true to who I am.

After one more shoot I’m going to print my shots and take my portfolio to an agency in hopes of getting signed. So if you’re the praying kind, please please please pray for the opportunity to present itself! :)

That’s all for now loves. Hope you enjoyed this novel-like post haha

Kissy kiss from prncsslyss….ahhhh kissy kiss.sm1

Strike a Pose *click click* Hello lovelies! So sorry for such a delay in my posts. Last week was a hectic work weekend.
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